Third-party app authentication issues

YouTube has upgraded from YouTube Data API service v2 to YouTube Data API service v3, a newer technology to enable third-party apps to integrate with YouTube. Third-party app developers were informed about this change in 2014 to give them enough time to adopt our new technology and we’ve helped them to migrate to newer technology supported by us since then. 

Most third-party apps already use Youtube Data API service v3, so nothing will change in how you use these upgraded third-party apps to upload to YouTube.

However, if you use third-party apps that have not updated to the newer YouTube Data API service v3 technology to upload videos to YouTube, you will not be able to upload to YouTube through these apps. 

Troubleshoot authentication issues

If you see the message “username/password combination failed," when you try to log in to a third-party app, use these steps to upload your video:

  1. Export the video from the third-party app.
  2. Upload the video using the desktop site or the YouTube mobile app. 
You can also try updating the third-party app. This might help if the developer offers an upgraded version of the app that uses YouTube Data API service v3 in a more recent product version. You can contact your third-party app developer in case updating the app does not help.
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