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Are you planning on using the YouTube Brand (e.g. YouTube’s logo, icon, website, or word mark)? Then, our approval is required. First, please take a look at the guidelines on the YouTube Brand site. When you are ready, please submit your request and tell us how you plan to use it.

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Please select the most prominent brand represented in your project. If you require review of multiple YouTube brands, please list the additional brands in the comment area below. Please do not submit additional requests for each individual brand. 
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In order to use screenshots or footage of any third party content, as well as thumbnails or comments, you must get approval directly from the content owner. Check all that apply.
The total size of all attachments cannot exceed 15 MB. If the total size of your file(s) exceeds 15 MB, please include the link to the asset on Google Drive or another file sharing service below. Is the file password protected? Please include the password in the description box.
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You must get approval directly from the original content or comment creator.
If you are launching an asset in multiple regions, please select “Global”
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